Alternative Cooking Leveling Methods

Be aware that the process of catching Anglerfish requires 100 percent Piscarillius favor.

Level range 93-99

Anglerfish, the bizarre and terrifying creature that lives in the deeps that is currently roiling on the grill just to fill your stomach in the future. It may look strange however it's great to your overall health. It will take around 25k anglerfish to achieve 99 Cooking.

Be aware that the process of catching Anglerfish requires 100 percent Piscarillius favor. This is hard to acquire as a result, try to earn OSRS gold which means there may be a shortage on the GE or they might be priced too high. However, if you own the ingredients cooking Anglerfish at home can be extremely profitable.

Level range 35-99

Making wines is the best way to increase the level of cooking. It's fast and is a bit AFKable. However, it's a major drain on your money. If you're wealthy and have a lot of money, this is a great strategy for you. It can yield an impressive 500k XP per hour.

To make a single jug of wine, you'll need 1 unit of grapes as well as 1 Jug of water. Combine grapes together with Jugs of Water and voila! Grapes can be grown at Hosidius Vinery with 36 Farming and 65percent Hosidius favor. There is a chance of 5% to create a Bad Jug of Wine until you attain the 68th Cooking.

Level range 30-99

Cooking Karambwans is the most effective method of advancing cooking - you can earn up to the 950k mark in XP per hour!

The drawback is that these figures can't be achieved without some high level of intensity. Take a look at this helpful YouTube tutorial on how to get it accomplished. This method will not only give you great amounts of XP but also allows you to make a profit selling Cooked Karambwans at a high income.

The most ideal location to level cooking is Hosidius Kitchen. If you are unable to reach Hosidius Kitchen then the second-best alternative would be Rogue's Den where you will discover a constant fire.

As we mentioned earlier but the cooking capabilities are superior to stove due to a lesser risk of burns which can help reduce the amount of time. Add in Cooking gauntlets, and you've got the top cooking tool ever.

So, you'll have to wait until you've got the Cooking skills cape, that's.

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