What are the common ways of Luxury packaging boxes?

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Single-sided and double-sided printing is not difficult to understand, that is, single-sided printing or printing one side of each set of plates. The following mainly introduces Luxury packaging boxes.

The significance of self-reproduction is that when the print size is less than the printing format, self-reproduction printing can be taken, and double-sided printing shares a set of plates to achieve the effect of saving the version, saving the cost of a set of PS plates, which is conducive to the economy of printed matter; A set of plates how to print the back of the paper, that is, the paper does not change the version, with the same set of PS printing paper on the back, so that you must wait for one side to dry and then print the other side, otherwise it is easy to cause the back rub, delay time. Positive and negative printing can be unloaded to print other prints first, and then print the reverse side when dry.

Self-reproducing version is divided into left and right self-reproducing version (transverse) and up-down self-reproducing version (flip), which is a set of plates shared by double-sided printing, and the paper is not changed. Figure out the two kinds of self-copying first of all to clear the offset press paper direction. Regardless of the size of the offset press, the long edge of the paper will be the direction of the paper feed.

The left and right version is to turn the paper left and right in the direction of the paper, and the upper and lower version is to turn the paper up and down in the direction of the paper. For example, 16K and normal 8K prints are always left and right when spelling quarto and folio. The strip 8K is the top and bottom self-copying version when spelling the quarto, and the left and right self-copying version when spelling the folio.

Luxury packaging boxes https://www.thpkgg.com/Luxury-packaging-boxes.html


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