rotary table machine processes objects

rotary table machine

Numerical control machine tool is the abbreviation of computer digital control machine tool, is a kind of automatic machine tool equipment with program control system. The control system can use the control code and other symbolic instructions to process the program logically, and can also perform the decoding process, so that the machine can act on the parts to realize the processing process.

In the hardware processing of CNC machine tools, as long as it can be clamped on the rotating parts of ordinary lathes, it can be processed on CNC lathes. However, CNC machine tools have high processing accuracy, and can also do linear, circular interpolation, in the hardware processing process, you can automatically change the speed characteristics, CNC machine tools processing range is much wider than ordinary machine tools.

The CNC machine tool of rotary table machine machining equipment has good rigidity, high manufacturing precision, and can easily and accurately enter the manual compensation and automatic compensation process, so it can process parts requiring high dimensional accuracy. In addition, the turning tool movement of CNC machine tools is achieved by high-precision interpolation movement and servo drive, plus the rigidity of the machine tool is good, and the manufacturing accuracy is high. Therefore, it can process bus straightness, roundness, cylindricity and other parts with shape accuracy requirements.

For other curves, such as arcs, the resulting shape is closer to the desired geometry on the graphic than the copying lathe.

rotary table machine has a constant linear speed cutting function, so you can choose the best linear speed to cut the cone, end face, so that the surface roughness value after turning is small and consistent, and the surface roughness value is small and unified parts.

The rotary table machine can not only make any equidistant straight line, taper or end thread turn, but also can smoothly transform the transition thread between the variable lead and the variable lead. When turning threads, the spindle steering does not have to be alternated like an ordinary lathe, and does not stop rotating until the whole process is completed, so the rotary table machine has a very high threading efficiency.

rotary table machine


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