A Scottish fullback Andrew Robertson, currently playing for Liverpool

With an overall rating of 87 that includes 84-rated pace and an 82 defensive rating it's a great value for the 27.000-coin cost.

For those looking for a blend of strength and speed might take a look at the defensive duo consisting of Ruben Dias as well as Joe Gomez. With an overall rating that are 87 and 80. respectively they're a formidable pair who can help each other overcome their flaws. At 81 mph, Gomez is quick on his feet, while Diaz's defensive stats of 88 and 88-rated physicality are an essential counterbalance. You can buy Joe Gomez for a mere 4.000 coins but might need to spend up to 20.000 to get Ruben Diaz EAFC 24 Coins.

A Scottish fullback Andrew Robertson, currently playing for Liverpool is well-known for his running down the left side and his excellent implementation of sets pieces and also for his ferocious defensive approach. He has everything managers could need from a player at the position. With an overall rating of 87 that includes 84-rated pace and an 82 defensive rating it's a great value for the 27.000-coin cost.

For those with smaller budgets, they can take comfort by referring to Alex Telles, a Brazilian left-back at Manchester United. His speed (83) and ability to pass (82) are in line with Robertson's stats on attacking. Although he might not be more effective in defense than the Scot but he's only 2.000 coins, so purchasing his services is a simple decision for anyone searching for a fast left-back replacement.

Mo Salah, the "Egyptian King," is currently tearing through in the Premier League, scoring goals in almost every game that he is a part of. For FC 24. His stats are astonishing. With his 90-degree pace, rating for dribbling, as well as shooting that is rated 87. it's nothing less than Salah when it comes to Premier League wingers. Of course the benefit of him being part of the team comes with an expensive price, which is around 35.000 coins.

Raphinha's 82 OVR score is a bit misleading as the player has 91 speed and 84 dribbling, his total score is largely impacted by his minor skills that don't need to be considered for an attacking player like his 49-rated defensive. FUT players seeking an agile reliable, reliable winger needn't consider spending 3.000 coins on this Leeds star.

Central Midfielders Best choices: Kevin De Bruyne and Bruno Fernandes Budget options: Kai Havertz and Ilkay Gundogan Other options: N'Golo Kanté and Paul Pogba

Combining Manchester City's and Manchester United's top central midfielders into one team is nearly impossible in reality however, in FIFA Ultimate Team, players can easily do this provided they have the money. With an unspecified amount in the amount of 75.000 coins, one can obtain Kevin de Bruyne (91 OVR, 1993 PAS) and Bruno Fernandes (88 OVR, 90 PAS) to make a midfield team right out of every manager's dreams.

But, purchasing Fernandes or De Bruyne right away is most likely not feasible for players who just purchased FC 24 and wish to collect FUT coins through gameplay rather than microtransactions, or transfer funds from their EA Sports FC 24 saved games. The players in question should consider the Chelsea's Kai Havertz (84 OVR) and Ilkay Gundogan (85 OVR) De Bruyne's dependable replacement, to create an CM team that can complete the task at just 18.000 coins.

For those seeking two top midfielders that are affordable and not a burden on the budget are best off looking at Manchester United's Paul Pogba. The French pair may not be the most docile of midfielders however they more than can make up for that by their ability to pass and their physicality. Two cards that have the 87 (Pogba) as well as 90 (Kante) total scores in under 70.000 coins is a true bargain for those looking to enhance their midfield.

Heung Min Son is one of the best balanced players on the field in FC 24. This explains the high 35.000-coin cost. With a rated 88-speed and 87 shooting percentage, he has an average dribbling rate of 85 EA Sports FC 24 Coins. He is among the most versatile players on the wing that is sure to rack up many goals and assists throughout the course of most games.


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